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PictureTally for Logs

PictureTally for Logs accurately and quickly scales logs without manual measurement.

For tree-length slashing operations - The camera unit is mounted directly to the exterior of the operator cab. After slashing, the log is pointed at the PictureTally camera and the system operator taps the touch screen to take pictures. The computer software finds all the contours of the log and displays the minimum, maximum, average and “mean” diameters of the log.

For production line or entering the mill - Logs can be scaled right at the stop-loader or any position where a view of both log ends is available. In that system, two camera units are used, 1 for each log end.  The camera units automatically detect each new log or recieve a trigger signal. Each log is measured for diameters and length.

For installations where crook and sweep analysis of logs is required, several camera units are mounted over the log line for scanning from above.

PictureTally for Logs is a component-based system to accomodate these varying types of installations. Components include: industrial computer with optional touch-screen mounted inside the operator’s cab or control area, and the camera unit(s) which house the cameras, controls and laser range finding systems.


Operating Temp -20°F to 120°F
Power Requirements 12 V DC or 120 V 60 Hz AC
Computer Industrial, Windows®Embedded
Accuracy measures diameter to 1/4 inch,

measures length to 1"

Measurement time including pictures < 300mS
Log Diameters 6" (or less) to 48" (or more)
Warranty 1 year full warranty
System enclosures: NEMA 4/12


Outside cab with Log PictureTally for Log components