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BinTally is a hardware and software system for measuring, tallying and sorting lumber on a production line. The system measures lumber length, width and thickness. Lumber is sorted on grade, thickness, width and length. Changing sort criteria is quick and easy.

BinTally uses lasers for measuring lumber width and lumber thickness to eliminate errors and increase accuracy. Multiple laser sub-systems can be added on to ensure you're getting exact measurments where you need them.

The BinTally system software is a set of web pages.  Using the web keeps it simple, flexible and accessible from any computer on your network.

BinTally is available for new installations OR is available as a Silvatech tally system retrofit.  The retrofit saves you money by re-using components including: NEMA boxes, grading buttons, board-length photocells, remote footage displays and board-marking systems.

Screenshot of PictureTally CAB


Operating temperature -20? F to 110? F
Power requirements 120v AC 20 amps
Width detection (1 or more) Laser Proximity
Thickness detection (2 or more) Differential Laser Triangulation
Length detection (12+) Laser or LED photo detectors
Output Controls Digital / Analog Optional
Self-cleaning sensors Optional air-wash control
Computer Sealed, Industrial, Windows®10 Pro
Enclosures NEMA 4/12
Warranty: 1 year
Bundle tags with barcodes Yes
Remote Marquee Display Optional
Remote Monitor(s) Optional
Remote management & support Yes