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PictureTally is a hardware and software system for tallying lumber bundles.

PictureTally uses computers, digital cameras, lighting and controls combined with advanced software to find and measure each board in the lumber bundle.

The tallies are immediately available to your sales staff and can be loaded into any inventory system with the PictureTally Inventory Plug-ins.

PictureTally saves labor and increases production efficiency. PictureTally visibly shows you that every inch of every board is being measured and counted; so you don’t miscount or give away wood.

The PictureTally system is delivered in a fully integrated steel CAB with left and right side doors, safety glass windows, seating and desk - for a comfortable and productive work environment. All sub-systems are built into sealed NEMA enclosures and there are no moving parts to lubricate or maintain.


Operating temperature: -20? F to 110? F
Power requirements: 120v AC 50 amps
Heat and Air Conditioning: Included
Dimensions: 7' w, 6'6" d, 7' h
Computer: Industrial, Windows XP
Enclosures: NEMA / NFPA
Warranty: 1 year
Automatic short board ID: Yes
Bundle tags with barcodes: Yes
Remote management / support: Yes

Screenshot of PictureTally CAB