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Custom Solutions and Development

Are you looking to speed up production? Do you have a new way to do things that you know will have a positive impact on your bottom line but can’t find the right combination of software and hardware to make it happen? 

We specialize in designing, developing, delivering and supporting systems for automating manual tasks.

Projects that can’t be solved with off-the-shelf “canned” software should not be your problem. We can help.

We approach all projects from the customer’s perspective.  We sit down with you to understand the benefits you’re looking for and quantify what you need before jumping into doing it.

From benefits and requirements, the project can go into design and cost analysis.  You’ll know very quickly if the “what” you’re asking for can be done within a budget that delivers value to your company.

HandshakeWe specialize in: 

Machine Vision
River City Software has extensive experience in digital imaging.  We make cameras do things that eliminate manual labor.  From image processing algorithms, image capture and analysis for object recognition and real-time Doppler radar image processing.

Forestry Products
PictureTally for lumber tallies, log scaling and grader assistance are products that were designed and developed together with leaders in the lumber manufacturing business. We work closely with our customers in the lumber industry to implement new features, tools and automation for their business.

Process Control
We've designed and developed many machine and process control systems. Projects include control systems for printing presses, optical storage systems, battery production facilities, automated test equipment and lumber manufacturing.

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