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  • Saves on tally labor and makes the job easier and more efficient.
  • Keeps your wood moving quickly through the system.
  • Can reduce sort-line downtime during change-overs.
  • Records pictures of bundles and a complete, detailed tally.
  • Integrates with your current business and inventory systems, helping your company preserve its investment in technology.

PictureTally for Logs

  • Accurately and quickly scales logs
  • Eliminates the person on the ground
  • Keeps wood moving
  • Proven to increase production.

PictureTally Line Scan

  • High resolution color pictures
  • See both top and bottom of boards
  • Dimensional information of each piece
  • In-line with a head-rig, re-saw, planar line
  • Instantaneous viewing at high speeds
  • Remote viewing where you need to see it
  • No mechanical board flipping required
  • See every detail of every board

Tag Printing System

  • Tags tough enough for kilns, rain, snow, ice, and years of direct sunlight
  • Print LARGE so you can read it on lumber stacked high in the air.
  • Individually perforated tags work for operations of all sizes.
  • Custom tags may include graphics, logos and bar-codes.
  • Our service includes customizing a tag layout for your company.  


NFPVA team in front of a Picture Tally cab